What make VisionEye so unique...?

Designed and distributed in the UK by A1 Security, VisionEye is a truly rapid deployment CCTV system that can monitor and provide first line or additional visual security on virtually every kind of site and location.


VisionEye carries the latest in HD CCTV camera technology

  • 4 x HD CCTV cameras
  • Live video feed 24/7
  • Streams real time images via 2, 3, and 4G newtorks
  • Camera mast can be raised up to 9m for wide field of view
  • Remote triggering of built in sounders and strobes for audible and visual deterrents


VisionEye requires no external power supply or hard wired comms

  • Self powered by wind and solar energy
  • Charging technology produces up to 1300w of energy to power the system
  • Internal battery system can last up to 30 days with no charge
  • No external comms required as images are streamed over 2, 3 and 4G networks
  • Recording on and off site


VisionEye can be brought to site and be up and running within 1 hour

  • All in one design
  • Easily transportable by car or van tow hook
  • Easily erect mast up to 9 metres high
  • Once on site, can be setup and monitoring within 1 hour
  • No specialist tools required


VisionEye provides remote monitoring and response

  • Live video streams feed to monitoring station or viewed remotely via laptop or smartphone
  • On-board strobe and sounders can be remotely activated
  • Emergency services can be contacted where required from our monitoring station
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 by Analytic software


Live images from VisionEye are live streamed through to our dedicated monitoring centre and overlaid with Analytic Software. Unlike competitors, our system does not rely on movement detectors to alert you of an intrusion. Our Analytics work on pixel level change from the images being viewed, which enables us to filter out areas that could cause false activations.

In addition we can monitor & respond to vehicle number plate and facial recognition, crowd detection, unattended objects, traffic direction, virtual trip wire & scene change. As part of our service all customers are supplied with an App so live images from VisionEye can be viewed on a tablet or mobile phone.